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I am
My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)
Tuesday. 3.20.12 11:36 am
There was a strong storm yesterday.
Not as strong as predicted, but heavy enough. Thank God there was no hail, though...
I was driving home, hurrying to let Bruno into the house, when I passed a homeless man walking down the road. He looked like he was inspecting a ditch... I quickly got to my house and let Bruno in and jumped back in my jeep. I found the guy a bit down the road. I imagined he was inspecting the ditch to see if he could take shelter in there from the storm, but I figure he realized he wouldn't fit all that well in the small space. I drove up beside him and asked him if he had a place to take shelter from the storm. I let him know it was supposed to get pretty bad. He said he didn't. I offered him to get in my Jeep. He did, with some difficulty... He stuffed his large bundle of life in my backseat. He then tried to squeeze himself into the front seat, but seemed to have a stiffness in his legs that impeded him from comfortably entering my vehicle. I started driving and asked him his name. Patrick. I thought about taking him to my house, a couple blocks down the road. Then I thought about Daniel & Kathryn, my roommates. And Kristina who was waiting for me to get back. I know their thoughts and change my initial idea. "Do you have a place you'd like to go?" He stared at the road. "...Someplace to take shelter, maybe?" He stared for another second before answering, "I thought of finding a cheap motel somewhere." I started driving in the direction of the cheap motels I knew. He still seemed uneasy. Was it his legs? Or does he seem nervous...? "Camp Bowie has some pretty cheap motels, I'll take you there." The wind picks up and rain starts to beat down. He stays silent. "Where are you from?" I ask him after realizing he may not even know where Camp Bowie is. "L.A." he responds. I want to ask him if he walked all the way from there. Then I realize that's a stupid question. More importantly, he may not want to share. "You can just drop me off at that IHOP. I'll get something to eat first." he says randomly. "Are you sure...? The motels are just a little bit down this road." I double check. "Yep. I'm fine." he says. I hesitate but turn slowly into the IHOP. "I just don't want you to get caught out here in this bad weather if it gets worse..." I say as I stop at the parking lot. "I'll be fine. Thanks." and with that he gets out of my jeep and grabs his stuff out the back seat. Just before he closes the door I give him quick instructions to the motels. Emotionlessly he thanks me. I drive off knowing full well he was waiting for me to leave so he could keep walking and not enter the IHOP.

I get home. I'm offered a warm hug. A comforting hug.

I wake up this morning to the radio. Gene and Julie, the morning djs who happen to be a married couple, excitedly talk about pop news. One of their media friends went to see the Hunger Games and said it was great. Gene and Julie are excited about it. They can't wait to see the Hunger Games. They mention that they asked their listeners on their website who they would pick from the studio to join them in the arena of their Hunger Games if they had a choice! "24 go in and only one wins!" Gene says. They say what some people's choices were and how funny and clever people were about it. Excitement and joy abound. They can't. wait. to see. The Hunger Games.
Disgust builds up inside me. I feel like filth. Excrement of society. Rotting flesh that has no bounds of hunger and thirst for entertainment.
I hate myself. I hate these people. I hate this life.
I take some Advil and climb back into bed after pressing snooze on Gene and Julie. I wake up again with less of a headache thirty minutes later to Gene, Julie, and another co-dj playing "Guess the Liar", a daily game they play with listeners where you have to guess which one is lying. The winners get tickets to the Hunger Games.

I get in the shower.
I get dressed in my button up shirt, slacks, and nice black shoes.
I drive to work.

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Monday. 12.26.11 12:35 pm
Reading Mockingjay.
I spent yesterday cleaning and reading.
For Christmas dinner I had a can of soup and a tuna sandwich.

But today is a brand new day! Thank God!
The holidays are finally over! Yay!!!

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